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Internal Linking

Another area of a website page often neglected but crucial to a higher ranking is internal linking.

Internal linking (when constructed properly) improves the indexing of a website and guides traffic to older posts. This, in turn, helps to qualify or strengthen an argument and build authority within Google.

As a result, bounce rates reduce and conversion rates increase… and, therefore, revenue increases.

The Simplest and Most Effective Way to Rank Up on Google – Internal Linking

One of the most effective ways to increase traffic to your site – because your results will move higher up
on Google – is the anchor text specific to your industry and internally linked on your site.
For my site, neilpatel.com, the keywords are on the sidebar:

You want to anchor your site with your industry’s most-searched terms.

I suggest using Ubersuggest to find them. You can navigate to the site by clicking here.

On the main page, type in your keyword. For my example, I chose the word “writing” – in case you’re a
writer wanting to scale your business and grow your traffic. But this will work with whichever industry
you’re in.

Side Note: Remember what we spoke about yesterday – title tags and keywords. You can also use these
keywords as a source to create your content. If you’re a writer and are looking for what to write to drive
traffic, maybe there’s a heavy search volume for writing cover letters. You’ll want to click on ‘Keyword Ideas’ on the sidebar.

From there, you can see the volume of clicks around the word ‘writing.’ As you can see, ‘writing a cover
letter’ comes up as second on the list.

In terms of what you’d want to do next, the options are endless. Maybe you’re a writer who likes to
teach others how to write. You could anchor a “how-to” section on your site – maybe it could include
how to write cover letters, how to follow a writing prompt, or something as general as how to write a
letter. Those are all three top terms in the writing searches right now.
Here’s a list at some of the highest-volume terms in the top industries today:

1) Financial: financial aid, financial advisor, financial growth, financial planner, and financial

2) Investment: investment banker, investment calculator, investment real estate, investment
stocks, and investment for beginners

3) Retail: retail jobs near me, retail stores, and retail arbitrage

4) Insurance: insurance car, insurance health, insurance quotes, and insurance homeowners

5) E-commerce: e-commerce definition, e-commerce business, ecommerce platforms, e-commerce
jobs, e-commerce website builders, and ecommerce website design

Check it out for yourself! Just click here.

Just remember, unless your business is gigantic already, try to keep the maximum to fewer than 10

Make sure you’re also not only anchoring your site with these terms, but you’re linking these keywords
in the content you’re already putting together. Say, for example, I mention something about investing in
one of my articles. I may also say, at some point, that investments can be good for financial growth –
which hits on one of the keywords for the financial sector above. I’ll want to send that phrase, using an
internal link, to the anchor text on my site. It’s as easy as that!

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