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Build Your Personal Authority on Quora to Establish Authority for Your Brand

Quora is a website specifically designed to offer a question-and-answer platform for over 300 million users a month and of those, around 120 million are unique U.S. visits.

Millions of people follow thousands of topics of information, including business, entertainment, and automobiles.

Using this knowledge, it’s easy to see how experts get noticed by providing answers to questions that relate to their chosen field.

More and more owners of online companies are establishing themselves as an authority.

Once credibility is established on Quora, an author’s site is often perceived as valuable to readers of that subject and sales are likely to follow.

Offering a link to articles and products in order to answer a question, presents a further opportunity to highlight a relevant business via Quora.

It’s possible (and lucrative) to advertise via Quora and fees are lower than many other platforms.

How to Set Up Your Quora Account

You can navigate to the Quora website by clicking here.
Setting up your account is simple. You can even link up your Google or Facebook account to centralize
your accounts.

But, just because it’s easy to set up, you need to make sure you’re filling out all the information the best
you can – so if a user navigates over to your profile to see your personal or company branding, you don’t
leave them with any questions.
Once you’ve created an account, you’ll be asked to follow 10 topics, then you’ll be taken to a screen that
looks like this.

The first thing you’ll want to do is upload a high-resolution profile picture. You can do that by clicking on
the default image.

Then, at the top, right beneath your name, you’ll want to add a credential about yourself. If you’re a
business expert in a specific field, this is where you’ll want to add that.
Right below that is room for a brief description of yourself or your business.

On the right-hand column will be employment, educational, and location credentials. Below that is
where you can fill out topics you know.

And last, but not least, you’ll want to connect your social accounts to enhance visibility. To do that,
you’ll need to click on ‘Settings’ once you click the icon tab at the top-right of the screen.

You should be ready to answer questions and put out your content!


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