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The Social Hack That’ll Bring Your Traffic Without Needing to Advertise

There’s a challenging yet rewarding method for increasing traffic to a website, and that’s interacting with other brands, personalities, and friends.

Recognizing how one site complements another is key.

It’s the ‘wedding planner to a bridal gown’ site or the ‘cleaner to an office’ concept.

Sites draw from each set of audiences to create a network loop.

The benefit from this is that neither site needs to advertise their product or service to the other.

Add to this, recommendations from friends, family and previous customers and a strategy begins to form.

Guidelines to Help Everyone in Agency Unlocked Grow Their Social Traffic

As you probably saw in my video above, one of the best ways to grow your traffic is by commenting on
another business’ page – and what you say is the most important part. You don’t want your comments
to seem like spam, so you’ll want to make sure you know the topic before you post.
Otherwise, don’t comment. It’ll be a waste of your time.
To start helping other members of Agency Unlocked – and yourself – you’ll first need to be a part of our
private Facebook group. You can visit that by clicking here. If you haven’t already been added, you’ll
need to apply, and a member of Agency Unlocked will approve you in no time!
Here’s what you need to do:
1) Create a new post in the group and make sure to mention that you’re on week 4, day 5.
2) In the post itself, start with your company’s name.
3) Then, add your company’s industry: do you focus on Ecommerce? Products? Services? Try to
make this as specific as you can (to help other members).
4) Below that, give a brief description of what your business does. What kinds of products or
services do you offer? What kind of problems are you trying to solve? Who’s your target
5) Then, point members to your social page. Once you’re finished that, publish the post!
6) The last step is vitally important – make sure you’re contributing to other members’ efforts.
Read other members’ posts for industries you have knowledge about. Then, make your way
over to their page and try to add as detailed a comment or question as you can.
This approach has a couple of key benefits.
– You’ll learn from the comments and questions others are posting on your social pages.
– You’ll gain credibility by being on another person’s page (any traffic that the other person
receives will read your comments and be driven to your social page).

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