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(continued) Land and Expand

Land and Expand Insights

This next step is to discover how to expand other pages on your site.

There are times when you’ve exhausted your subject and the article has grown so big that it doesn’t
make sense to expand it anymore.

There are always other subtopics you could write about, and that’s what we’re focusing on here.
In this hypothetical example, I’m looking at Digital Marketing as the exhausted term.

● As you enter into Google Search Console, you’ll see a set of keyword terms that relate to the
initial subject.

Look for terms that get the most searches but lower on Google, as it’s those subjects that offer
the opportunity to improve your overall rank for on your site.

● A subject with high impressions but a low ranking position (Below 10 is usually off of the first
page on Google) so this one would be one you ought to write more about as an additional page.

● In this instance, the term Digital marketing strategy fits the bill- as do many other subjects in
this example.


● Find similar terms and make a note for the next batch of on-topic content you will build
● If you’re unsure of whether the subject matter is relevant enough to write about, head over to
Google Correlate. This tool gives you an insight into what subjects are usually searched for after
a particular phrase has been looked at.
● Enter your term I used SEO Agency
● This will show you that Facebook Ads was a term commonly searched for in correlation with
SEO Agency

● Try it out yourself! Enter a term like recycling or camping goods as an example, and see topics
people search for that relate to those terms.

Note: Google Correlate is being shut down in December 2019

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