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Build Your Social Traffic Without Even Being Online

Scheduling content to be posted at a specific time or date ensures a greater chance of being viewed by the right target market.

Scheduling means businesses can appear available even when they’re not, and more time can be spent on better quality content.

There’s also an upside to schedule on social media channels, as there’s no need to be online. So, there’s less chance of distractions from interactions with others.

With scheduling, posts can be spaced out so the chances of engaging readers are increased.

Content scheduling tools like MeetEdgar are an invaluable addition to any online business, and it does so much more than just posting content.

How to Grow Your Social Traffic Without Needing to Be Online

You can use a number of different tools to schedule posts for your social media site. My two favorite are
MeetEdgar and Buffer. Let’s dive right in.
Setting Up and Using MeetEdgar
This information can also be found in MeetEdgar’s help page right here.

1) First, sign up for an account on MeetEdgar by clicking here.

2) You’ll then need to link up your social media accounts. You can do that by navigating to the
‘Accounts’ page right here.

3) I think it’s best to create categories for your posts for organizing your content better. MeetEdgar
provides basic categories when you first begin, but you may want to customize them. All you
need to do is click ‘Add New Category’ to do that.

4) Next, you’ll need to schedule your posts. First, choose the accounts you’d like to schedule
content for.

5) Then you have a ton of options and ways you can personalize your posts from there.

6) Once you’re finished writing the content and adding any links, images, or videos, you’ll want to
preview to make sure it looks how you want it to. Then you can click ‘Save to Library’ at the
bottom. But, you can also click on ‘Advanced settings’ to schedule the post there. However, I
think there’s a better way to schedule. Let’s get into that for the next step.

7) From your main page, you’ll need to create a timeslot. You can do that by clicking ‘Add
Timeslot.’ It’s really as simple as that – just choose the category the post is under, then put it in
queue for the date and time.

8) To view your posts and filter them, all you need to do is click on ‘Account Schedule’ and choose
which account.

Setting Up and Using Buffer
This information can also be found right here.
1) To start, you’ll need to create an account with Buffer. Just click here to visit their site.
2) Once you’re on your main dashboard, you’ll need to add your social accounts. You can do that
by clicking ‘Accounts’ at the top left-hand side.

3) Next, you’ll want to schedule the content and times of your posts. You can do that by click
‘Schedule’ at the top once you’re on one of your accounts.

4) I also recommend shortening links so your customers or subscribers aren’t overwhelmed by long
urls. You can find link shortening in the ‘Settings’ tab.

5) Then you’ll need to write the content for the posts you want scheduled.

6) Once you’re finished writing, all you need to do is click the dropdown button and choose what
you would like to do from the options available!


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