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Convert Subscribers into Customers Using Push Notification Drips

Similar to email drip campaigns, push notification drip sequences are used to make potential customers aware of things like events, articles, products, or offers.

Previous clients can be targeted or retained by their use and conversion rates are likely to increase as actionable metrics can be accurately measured through push campaigns.

There’s ample opportunity to enhance brand awareness, and small push notifications are three times more effective than random email shots.

Timing needs correct management to have a higher probability for a desired outcome.

Software tools such as Leanplum, ConvertKit, and Mailshake, set optimized times to send personalized content which has around eight times the opening rate of random messages.

The key is to test to optimize the effect and stimulate engagement.

How to Convert Your Subscribers into Customers Using a Push Notification Drip

We talked about using Subscribers to send push notifications to your website on the first day of Agency
Unlocked, so you should already have that set up for your website. If not, no worries. Just click here to
read back on day 1. Click here to go straight to Subscribers.

For each sequence you make, I recommend at least a string of 4. I’ve found that to be most effective.

1) On subscribers, click on ‘Notifications.’

2) Click on ‘Welcome Campaign’ on the left-hand side of the screen. This will show your drip
sequence for push notifications. I usually wait around 10 minutes after a visitor subscribes to
send them their first push.

3) To edit your drip, you’ll want to hit ‘Edit Campaign’ on the top right of the screen.

4) From there, Subscribers is pretty user-friendly when it comes to setting up your notifications.
You can add the image you want to use, a notification title, the message in the text, the
notification url, and how long you want the user to wait before the previous notification to
receive the next.


There are a number of benefits to a good drip campaign in any industry, whether you’re an e-commerce
business, services, or products.

1) They boost your click rates. People who are willing to opt-in for push notifications are likely to
be more engaged than those who are just giving email. So, with better engagement, click rates
are likely to be higher.

2) They can also increase your revenue. If you’re selling a product, for example, you have the
freedom to bring diverse – yet related – products that cater to your customer’s wants.

3) Creating a relationship with your subscribers. Just like in yesterday’s video, when we spoke
about email drips, establishing a relationship with your subscribers is essential to their
engagement. When they feel like a human is behind the notification, they will tend to trust you

4) Personalized recommendations. Different campaigns for different segments is especially
important. Let’s say you sell blenders, and you create a drip segment for purchasers of that
blender. You may want to sell them different accessories in a drip campaign to go along with
that new blender. They’ll be fresh and excited… and willing to spend money.

5) Promoting events. Push notifications are also great as countdown messages for a live event or
webinar. If the event happens in 5 days, you don’t want the list to get cold, so you want to keep
them engaged with messages to prepare for the upcoming event.

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