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Buying & Selling Sites

What would you pay for a site that offers no revenue? Probably not a single penny…

Is there anything that might tempt you?

I’m asking because there ARE good times to buy a site, even if it doesn’t generate immediate revenue.

That’s why I purchased Kissmetrics and UberSuggest – and the reason behind it?


Not just any traffic, mind you.

Relevant and quality traffic with a similar profile to my own.

My tactic isn’t limited to my type of business either.

If you know where to look it can work for you too.

Buying and selling sites

The last business I purchased, UberSuggest, now generates almost 1.8 Million visits a month and was
one of the best investments I’ve ever made even though it cost me $125,000.
I know that’s an unrealistic amount for many businesses, but the concept is the same and it can be
scaled to suit almost every budget.
My first sites were bought for a penny on the dollar when I purchased them through Flippa.com or
Why do I still do this?
Quite simply, for the traffic.
If the traffic is related in some shape or form to your own, once you’ve performed a 301 redirect to your
site you’ve already increased your traffic.
I created a post not too long ago you can explore the 301s. I use this plugin if you wanted to have
something for WordPress.

Another tactic I use to buy sites is to pick a subject I’m interested in, and inputting a related search term
into Google.
Here’s a hypothetical example
● I’m interested in buying a site for no more than $300- $1,000, related to gambling
● ‘online poker’ is my search term.

● I start on page 5 and work down, as it’s likely that any site on pages 1 through 4 will be too
● On page 8 I find a site I’m interested in called ‘PokerTracker’ then on another, I’ll find one may
be called ‘PokerNY’ and I’ll keep going until I reach around six or so.
● I open the site page on each of them and view each one.
● I’ll look at their traffic on Ubersuggest and hit them up with a call. Most won’t sell but if they do
you’ve instantly gained traffic for a really economical cost.

● There’s another reason you might want to do this too. You can decide to improve that site
yourself as you see it has potential, and make it work for you.
● I’m saying be careful: Look for deals that work for you. If it doesn’t work out you’ve likely lost
little or nothing as you can always promote them for sale again.
● This sort of strategy works well for eCommerce as you can add a blog to your eCommerce traffic
through internal linking or adding the hello bar I’ve talked about previously.


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