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Common Website Mistakes – and How to Fix Them

Now that we’re closing out week 5, we’ll be taking a different approach to how we’ve been going about our business so far at Agency Unlocked.

We’re shifting the conversation from what you need to be doing to what you need to stop doing.

There are common problems that pervade almost every website – for beginners and seasoned digital marketers alike.

The problems are so common they’re tough to notice. And that means you may have a few on your own site.

The good news is that most of the problems can take only a minute to fix once you’ve identified them.

But I also don’t want you going out and searching for what you think are the most common problems and figuring out how to fix them.

That’s why you’ve received notes from me the past few days about submitting your website information to the Agency Unlocked team. If you haven’t already done so, don’t worry. You can do that by clicking here.

The reason for the submissions is that our team of experts at Agency Unlocked, Jim, Vignesh, Carlos, and myself, are going through each website to identify those common problems that are hurting rankings.

This is a preview of the many videos you’ll see for week 6, starting tomorrow.

We’ll go through a bunch of live examples and talk about the overarching problems associated with them – and how you can fix them with just a few minutes.

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